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For new players "Instruction"

on Sat Jul 16, 2016 6:08 pm
Superhero servers is, you get an character. Which you can control yourself of course.
You'll start at level 5 which means that you can choose 5 heroes (1 for each level)
Maximum level is 70, but after 70 there will come some more, and highest rank is "God"

PM me if i forgot something Wink

Commands for players :

/clearpowers Removes all your heroes and will let you choose new.
/herolist If you write this you can see all heroes in the game that you can get.
/myheroes Type this and you'll see YOUR heroes
/Cam will let you look at your man in 3rd person.
/showmenu You can use this to bring up where you can pick heroes if you closed it.
/drop If you wanna delete an Hero you can type : /drop "Name of hero"

Tell me if i forgot something, Hope this can be help for someone.

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Re: For new players "Instruction"

on Sat Jul 16, 2016 6:31 pm
Thank you, it gave me a good view of the commands and what superhero is.
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Re: For new players "Instruction"

on Wed Aug 03, 2016 6:16 pm
Good information about the game mode
I will put some commands about bank (with the normal money you can make easy exp in starter levels )

bank_help (View all comands available in bank)
bank_create (Create you own bank )
bank_amount (Display your money saved )
bank_deposit (not needed ) write maxdep - you deposit all your money in bank (max 16000)
bank_withdraw (not needed ) write maxwit - you take 16000 money to you from your bank
bank_transfer "player" "amount" transfer your money to other person . bank_tranfer cliff 999999
If you are AFK with 16000$ next round will be deposit 10000$ to your bank automatically
With 15000$ you can get 25000 EXP by typing on chat buyxp or /buyxp
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Re: For new players "Instruction"

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