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Admin Application - August 8, 2016 Empty Admin Application - August 8, 2016

on Mon Aug 08, 2016 9:34 am
-Must be matured
-Never been banned
-Minimum of 7 days playtime

Interested in becoming an admin? Simply fill out this form
About yourself: 
Steam Profile URL:
Steam ID:

Now answer these questions..

1. Do you think you can bring players to the server? Explain.
2. Let say someone is abusing their hero/skill against a new player, what will you do?
3. Tell me why I should make you an admin.
4. Have you ever faced any challenges or problems being an admin?
5. Let say your friend is harassing another person what will you do to him? Explain.
6. As an admin, will you give yourself advantage over other players? Explain how you can control your powers.

Other comments or questions (Optional):
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