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[SH] 8.10.2017 Update Notes Empty [SH] 8.10.2017 Update Notes

on Thu Aug 10, 2017 11:10 am
Server Changes
-Added Server Characters to the shop [These are not global characters, meaning you won't be able to use them in PokeMod]
-Added Auto bot kill when 0 players are alive
-When time reaches 0, the round will now automatically end
-Removed Captain America Glow
-VIP System has been added, it will be available for purchase for $1.25 a month soon.
-Removed Hitwoman explosive bullet, the first 3 bullets will still be a 1-hit kill.

Server Characters Available
Misa - VIP Exclusive
Aime - VIP Exclusive

Note: Female characters will still be rare and I will be planning on keeping it that way.

Other changes
-Players may no longer use special symbol in their name.
-User Pack in-game note has been updated.

Bug Fixes
User Pack has been fixed, it will now give the proper items listed.

Coming soon:
God of Destruction - VIP Hero
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